lundi, janvier 10, 2011

Easy Cheese Sticks

I made this for new year's party at my sister's place. It's very easy in case you have unplanned visitors hihihi
What you need is:
Roll of ready-made puff pastry
Some grated parmesan
Some grated emmental cheese (or cheddar cheese)
A bit of melted butter

- Unroll the puff pastry, and brush with some melted butter. Add on top parmesan and emmental cheese.

- Use a knife to cut the pastry into strips. I used the pizza cutter. So easy.
photo (1)

- Bake in a pre-heated oven of 180C for 10 mins or maybe less. This thing cooks so fast. So don't leave the kitchen unattended :D
Leave them cool off. It's crunchier when they are cooled.

photo (2)

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