samedi, octobre 16, 2010

Winter in Autumn

It's only Autumn, but it's so cold. We have not change the daylight saving time yet, but it seems like we are ready to celebrate Xmas! LOL

Anyway, when the first cold weather hits, Tartiflette comes in mind. The potatoes, Reblochon cheese, the smell.. ahhh Bliss... It is lucky that I am entering the Consolidation phase in my diet. I did not regret to start the diet during the Summer. Hehehehe... In the consolidation phase I am allowed to have 2 Gala meals per week.

So this week it will be Tartiflette :D Big thanks to Chef Sylvain who did the ingredients shopping :D

The basic and important ingredients are potatoes and Reblochon cheese. Get the Reblochon de Savoie.. yummmaaayyy!!
Then you may add in cream cheese (creme fraiche), onions, ham, bacon bits, turkey ham... Depends on your liking.

Steamed bio organic potatoes. You can also boil the potatoes. Me like me potatoes steamed :D

Peel the potatoes, and slice the Reblochon.
Important Note: Keep the cheese crust!!!

Spread cream cheese in the baking casserole. Slice the potatoes then top with the cheese slices.

Hop! Into the oven!

Serve hot!

As for the dessert, I baked Apple Pear Bread. It is an adaptation from the Apple Cinnamon Bread.

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