jeudi, août 11, 2011

Daifuku Ice cream ^^

I love my trip to Nagomi's shop, because I can always find cute things to buy (and eat). Remember the Edamame snack? *^^*

These pictures have been taken some time ago. Even on rainy windy Brussels weather I love the japanese ice cream. This one in particular is daifuku ice cream.

What is daifuku? Well, just ask the googly lord or saint wiki, and you'll see what I'm referrring to.
But if you want to stick to my description, here it goes.
Daifuku is a japanese dessert made of glutinous rice flour with fillings. It has a chewy texture and the fillings can varies. For example, this one has milk ice cream as fillings. Usually each daifuku is covered with thin layer of starch (corn flour) to avoid sticking (to fingers or spoon or fork).

Have you had daifuku ice cream before? Or normal daifuku? What is your favorite fillings?

2-pack Daifuku ice-cream for only 1,50€
It has so many things written on the cover, and I don't know what it means LOL I went to the website address written on the cover.
Go there for some crazy yummy Japanese ice cream and some funny comercials.

Inside you have 2 daifuku and a plastic fork

Pick the daifuku using the plastic fork given. The daifuku must be frozen (more like the ice cream inside must be frozen). Otherwise it's too soft then you need to eat using the spoon.


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