mercredi, août 03, 2011

Pastry, Patisserie, Cake, Gateau - What's your fav?

I'm not a sweet tooth person. I think that's why I can still keep myself calm whenever I stepped into a bakery or patisserie in Europe. My significant other is a sweet tooth person and sweet as sugar too *^^* I think it is safe for him that he doesn't have someone else hogging over his desserts.

However, after few years living in the well-known patisserie country, I have acquired some sweetness in my mouth. I enjoyed the tart taste of rhubarb pie, the refine chocolate taste. I can easily distinguish a good chocolate (less sugar, more chocolate) compared to chocolate (with lotsa sugar, less chocolate). Not to mention that now I love to bake! But I still have problem to eat creams, like buttercream, and crème patissière.

As much as we have abundant desserts here in France and Belgium, I still prefer the non-Europan cake. I like the birthday cake that we have in Malaysia. You know the one with 2 layer sponge cake, and frosted with buttercream (not too much). The most important for me is the ratio between the cake and the cream. The problem I have with most french gateaux is that they have thin layer(s) of cake (which is called genoise or biscuit), and loads of creams. It's just too sweet and mushy. Can't they make a thicker genoise?

I have been putting off to try making choux pastry, e.g.eclairs and paris brest. This is because of the amount of cream that i have to prepare, and I am not a fan for that. But I must try making it as it's someone's fav huhu
On this topic, did you know that by default, eclair au chocolat in Belgian has vanilla crème inside it, instead of chocolate? It drove us nuts when we saw that the eclair has chocolat on the top, but vanilla fillings. It's just wrong! I asked my Belgian friend and he said that it's just too much to have the chocolate filling... Tsk tsk tsk... Whereas in France, by default, eclair au chocolat has chocolat filling.

My favorite dessert is crème brulée. It's lucky that I do not have a kitchen torch. Otherwise, I'll be making crème brulée all day! (that rhymes). What's yours?

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