samedi, août 20, 2011

Daifuku - Part 2

Last time I posted ice cream daifuku. This time I got myself a treat... :D
The traditional daifuku with fillings. Most popular fillings are read bean paste, strawberry, taro and peanut.
I went for a mix pack.... Hehehehe :D


So we have sesame coated, starch coated and peanut coated.

Both sesame coated and starch coated are with red bean filling.

The peanut coated are with peanut paste filling.

Don't be fooled with these cuties... I can only eat them 2 at a time (Yeah I thought I could wallop those 6 in one go LOL). However, they are divine. I'm sure there are other version which are great, like it's not come in a pack and freshly made.. Anyway, I'm settling for this, and not going anywhere.. these are mine! :D

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Audrey by Audrey a dit…

Tu trouves ça où? ça a l'air très bon!