lundi, octobre 08, 2007

Biskut Raya part 1

Woohoo... time to do some baking!!!

Since Syawal is in less than a week, I decided to bake some Raya cookies. I have never bake Raya cookies before. Since I am in a baking mood, so why not bake some cookies. I never thought that the process brings so much memory of my childhood. My mom baked Raya cookies a lot while I was a kid. But I think when I was teenager, my mom started to buy those cookies from her friends or friend of a friend. When my mom baked the cookies, usually I would cut the dough with cookie cutter. Then, of course once the cookies were cool off, we will put them in an air-tight container.

On the Hari Raya eve, between changing the curtains and cooking ketupat, we would put the cookies in small air-tight container and put on the main table ready to be served to visitors.

Anyway, I opted for 4 different cookies where each of them are different. Just to give some varieties.

So the first one is Biskut Semperit. I don't know what semperit means, really. But I know that it is an old cookies. To shape this cookie actually you need to pipe it out. I tried with the new piping tool I bought, but the nossle is too small for cookie dough. So I go for cookie cutter in a shape of flower. Then, I added cherry on top. Cute eh. This cookie has the milky taste. Yummy.

This is the recipe which I fished out from one website:


Ingredients :
250gm Butter
90gm Icing sugar (I used castor sugar)
1 egg yolk
1/4 teaspoon salt
320gm all purpose flour
120gm corn flour
2 tablespoon milk (I used condensed milk)
1/2 teaspoon rose essence (I used vanilla essence)

Beat butter and sugar, egg yolk, salt, essence until fluffy. Then add in milk. Beat again. Add in allpurpose flour and corn flour bit by bit. Mix until you get a dough and that it does not stick to your hand. Use samperit piping or cookie cutter, then put the cherry bits on top.
Bake with temperature - 170C (Th 3) for about 15 minutes.

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