mardi, octobre 16, 2007

Gateau au yaourt

Did I tell you that I bake a lot these days?? hihihihi
Today, it's the Yoghurt Cake (in french Gateau au yaourt). This is spose to be the basic cake among French. The measurement is based on the yoghurt pot. I follow the recipe found on the Maizena Cornflour box. I'll post the recipe later. Kinda lazy to walk to the kitchen.

The first time I heard of this cake is from my colleague. I bought a cake (which I bought, not bake myself), and he mentioned the yoghurt cake and that I should taste it. He said he will bring it one day... but it never happened. And he already left the company. Anyway.. I have always been curious about this cake.
My verdict.. I like it. It is the kind of cake which is spongy and natural.

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