lundi, octobre 08, 2007


On Saturday, I had the pleasure to shop for kitchen stuff. When I said kitchen stuff, that means impulse shopping on things that can be used in the kitchen hehehehe. I went to a shop nearby called Rejan. This shop sells cheap stuff. I mean cheap as in not high market products. But you can be amazed on cool stuff that you can find in this shop.
Anyway, I found this thing... PUSHr. I need to change the kitchen brush, and as I saw this little thing, I said that's cool! hihihi
So what it is? Well, the bottom part is like the kitchen brush, but the top part is the cool part. Usually kitchen brush came with the long handle. But this little creature comes with dishwashing liquid pot.

The top part is made from rubber, so just lift it off.
And then pour in dishwashing liquid.

There you have it! It just happened my dishwashing liquid does not have any color. But you get the idea, right?

So this is how we use the little thing. When you need to have a bit of soap in your scrubing, just push the center of the top!

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