samedi, octobre 06, 2007

Tuna Bagel

It's kinda difficult to find freshly baked Bagel in France. It is not a typical bread that you can find here; unlike baguette, pain de mie, pain de cereal, ciabatta, etc.
I think Bagel is more of American type of bread. However, I found an already baked Bagel at the bread aisle in the supermarket, around packs of scones, english muffins and pita bread. So I suppose bagel is categorized as "foreign" bread. It's not freshly baked, but it looks OK. They come in a pack of 4 bagel.

I had tuna bagel... yum yum. Just pour the tuna from the can, and there you have it! Oh! I cut the bagel into 2 and lightly toast it.

Another way to eat bagel is with cheese spread. I like Tartar cheese spread, as you can see below, they come in small cubes with different flavours, of course. My fav is Chèvre Basilic (goat cheese and basil) and Eclats de noix (cheese spread with hazelnut)

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