mercredi, septembre 15, 2010

New Addition

While waiting for my birthday gift (ahem ahem)... I bought this measuring cups and spoons :D
Often that recipes are from American websites and they use those measurements in cups. I had to do the online conversion thing. But not anymore!!!! Thanks to these measuring cups. The different spoon sizes come with the cups. Yippie yay!!


My next challenge is mini cupcakes (with or without frosting). If they are with frostings, then I need to find a way to transport them from home to office. What to do what to do...
So I googled "how to transport cupcakes". As I imagine, there are those plastic trays that you can stack em and leave enough space for the frosting on each level. But I need to find baking store which sell them. Otherwise, do the frosting on location. Oh well, I don't think my boss will be happy that I spend time in the office pantry more than at my desk! LOL :D Well, I don't mind.

This cupcake carrier can carry up to 36 cupcakes! Hmm I like.
Should I put it in my wishlist? hehehehe

Oh well, we are out of topic here... Stay tune for my next challenge :D

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